Promoting Positive Relationships Policy

Things to think about:

  • Do you think you may have bullied someone?
  • Do you join in when others are being nasty to or about someone
  • Do you laugh at people or the stories about them
  • Do you send or pass on hurtful messages or images of people
  • Have you ever made someone else feel scared, anxious, worried or left out?

All of these behaviours can be seen as bullying, even if you don’t realise it.

Be aware that what you are doing or saying may affect others. Don’t expect everyone to like you.

Respecting others, even if you don’t like them means leaving them alone.

How to help stop bullying:

  • Don’t stand by and watch – tell someone!
  • Show that you and your friends disapprove.
  • Give sympathy and support to children who may be bullied.
  • Be careful about teasing or personal remarks – imagine how you might feel.

If you know of serious bullying, tell your Pupil Support Teacher. It’s not telling tales, the victim may be too scared or lonely to tell.

If you are being bullied:

  • Try not to show that you are upset – this is difficult.
  • Try to ignore the bully.
  • Walk quickly and confidently – even if you don’t feel that way inside.
  • Try being assertive – tell the bully to leave you alone.
  • Get your friends together and say no to the bully.
  • If you are different in any way, be proud of it – it’s good to be an individual.
  • Avoid being alone in places where bullying happens, report where these places are.
  • If you are in danger, get away.
  • Tell someone as soon as possible. This can be done quietly without others knowing.


Cyberbullying – if you feel uncomfortable with communications you receive:

  • Do not respond
  • Block the message
  • Print any evidence
  • Inform an adult
  • Use CEOP Report Abuse Button


The full Promoting Positive Relationships policy can be found [rokdownload menuitem=”197″ downloaditem=”177″ direct_download=”false”]here[/rokdownload].

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