Parent Council

The Parent Council provides parents with the opportunity to improve their child’s experience in Bucksburn Academy.

Making a Difference

The Parent Council continues to make a difference to the pupils of Bucksburn Academy. This includes:

  • Organises the annual Careers Event
  • Set up the Bucksburn Academy Funraisers who have raised £ thousands to give pupils additional opportunities
  • Provide a member of the interview panel for senior school positions
  • Influenced school uniform changes
  • Influenced school timetable changes
  • Influenced new school report format
  • Influenced school timetable changes
  • Influences the Parental Engagement Evening & reports
  • Provided feedback on the roll-out of the new exams
  • Provided feedback on the poor performance of the Kingswells buses leading to improvements

Joining the Parent Council

Being a Parent Council member benefits both the school and parents. The school gets parental input and feedback.  The parents find out information on how their child is taught, how the school operates and how it deals with all aspects of school life.

Parents also get to know the school management team & staff.  Joining the Parent Council has a minimal time commitment.  We meet up 5 times throughout the year.  We have a friendly chat with other parents and school staff over a cup of tea or coffee.

Contacting the Parent Council

Should you wish to join the Parent Council, or wish to discuss any aspect of the school’s operation, please get in touch. There are a number of ways to get in touch with the Parent Council:

Careers Fair

The Bucksburn Academy Parent Council organise the Careers Fair for the school pupils each year.  We are always looking for new ideas for the Careers Fair and have improved it year on year.  Details of the current Careers Fair has now moved to its own web page.  You can link to it here:  Careers Fair

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