Careers / Subject Choice Advice

Choice of career is very significant for all 16+ students. A great deal of thought and careful consideration should be given to the very important decisions that have to be made at this stage. The Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Careers Adviser attached to Bucksburn Academy, and in school 2-3 days per week, is Ms Claire Rankine. SDS aim to help pupils understand and develop Career Management Skills to ensure they are successful planners not only in school and as they approach transition points, but throughout their lives. A flexible approach is adopted – use of as well as face to face support from Ms Rankine through group work, drop in clinics, 1:1 interviews and attendance at reviews/meetings as appropriate. Combined with Pupil Support Staff and appropriate classroom teachers, a valuable careers information, advice and guidance service designed to meet all young people’s needs is provided.

Students should be aware of the constantly changing labour market and the impact this can have on competition for employment or continued education (College/University) places.  To be effective planners, consider that:

  1. No-one can make decisions for you. To ensure your choices are well informed and realistic, you need to know as much as possible about yourself, your strengths and the pros/cons of all the options open to you. You also need to know where help is available & access it e.g. register on, make use of drop in clinics in the Careers Room, speak to relevant staff etc.
  1. Time scale is important. Remember that employers looking for staff will often advertise before you have sat your exams/left school. Similarly, Colleges/Universities will accept applications throughout your final year and have their own deadlines. If you aren’t prepared, you could miss out on opportunities.

Further information about SDS is available on

or through Ms Rankine


381 Union Street


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Tel: 01224 285200