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Welcome to the Accord Card Scheme

The Accord Card is Aberdeen City Council’s existing smartcard scheme. From April 2006 the Scottish Executive launched a National Entitlement Card to carry national services and this has been combined with the Accord Card. This combined card is referred to as the Accord / National Entitlement Card. It’s a great way to access a variety of local and national services.

When your child enters secondary school in Aberdeen they will automatically be issued with an Accord Card. The Accord Card is used primarily in school for school lunches but also for many other services within Aberdeen City as detailed below:

  • Cashless Catering and vending in all Aberdeen City Secondary Schools,
  • **Free School Meal entitlement,
  • Young Scot Membership for those aged 12 to 26,
  • **Young Person’s Travel Concession,
  • **Scotland Wide Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled Persons, 
  • Library Card,
  • ** Only available to some pupils.

    Cashless Catering and Making Payments to an Accord Card

    All purchases made from the dining hall in school or from vending machines need to be made with an Accord Card. You will be able to load cash onto your card at one of three load terminals in the school, or your parents/guardian can present a cheque at the school office (made payable to Aberdeen City Council) subject to a limit of £50 per card. This money is then stored on the cards e-purse, a secure file on the card’s chip. If you have more than one pupil in school any payments made can be split between two or more cards.

    Online Top-up’s

    Parents/guardians can now top-up their child’s Accord card on-line via the Council web-site. This new method of top-up means there is no longer any need to give children money to take to school to load to their Accord card.

    A maximum of £40.00 can be loaded at any one time and is credited to the Accord card automatically when it is used in the dining area or the school office (allowing a maximum of 48 hours for the payment to be processed and passed to the school). This safe, secure and convenient method of payment can be used by entering the Accord card number and secondary school at the following address:

    Free School Meal Entitlement

    If you are entitled to a free school meal (also known as School Catering Allowance), your parent / guardian will need to give proof of entitlement to the school office. Once your entitlement is given, money is automatically loaded onto the card for each day’s free school meal. This value will be set up on the Accord Card hidden in the chip so the fact that you are in receipt of a free school meal is completely confidential. This value can only be used to pay for a school meal. You can also load money onto the card in the normal way. 

    Temporary Accord Cards

    If you leave your card at home, you can request a temporary card from the School Office. Your own card will be ‘hot-listed’ for that day. You can load money onto the temporary Accord Card but this must be returned to the office at 3.30pm on the day it was issued. Any money left on the temporary card can be transferred onto your own card.

    Young Scot Membership for ages 12 to 26

    Your Accord Card automatically gives you membership to Young Scot.

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    Library Card

    If you have a membership to Aberdeen City Council libraries already, this can be transferred to your Accord Card. This then gives you access to a host of facilities not only in Bucksburn Library within Bucksburn Community Campus but also throughout Aberdeen City Council. You must have a library membership to be able to borrow books, CD’s, DVD’s or any other items from the school library. You will also need your Accord Card to enter and exit the library during school hours.

    Looking after your Accord Card

    You are responsible for looking after your Accord Card. If you lose your card or it is damaged please let the School Office know. The Accord Scheme reserves the right to raise a charge where it believes an individual is abusing the system for replacement cards and subsequent replacement cards could be charged at £5 per card.

    For further information

    If you have any further queries or questions, in the first instance please check the Accord website You can contact the Accord Administrator in the School Office. Or, alternatively, you can contact the Accord Office direct, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9am and 5pm, on 0845 345 2789.  


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