Vision & Values


In any school community values are essential for building positive relationships and creating a climate for learning between pupils, staff, parents, partners and the local community. At Bucksburn Academy, we share a common sense of values the compass that guides our approaches, relationships, policies and behaviour. We believe these values should underpin every decision that is made in the school.

Our vision is that by working together we ensure that all can achieve at the highest level they are capable of.



We all work to create the right environment for learning.

We consider that we are all learners at Bucksburn Academy and think that we learn best when we feel good about ourselves, feel safe in the school and know that we care about each other.

We have state of the art facilities for learning but recognise that caring about each other will lead to a positive learning environment.

We will encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

We will see smiling faces, purposeful classrooms, pupils and staff talking and listening to each other, pleasant social areas, good manners, a warm welcome to visitors and confident pupils and staff.




We believe that we all have the potential to succeed.

We think that high expectations are important and work hard to raise the aspirations of all our pupils. We will support and challenge each other to raise standards because we don’t want second best.

Whether through high performance in national exams at all levels, sporting achievement, participating in the expressive arts, leading the way in technologies, charity work or citizenship, we will value and celebrate all success.

We will see pupils engaged in hard work in classrooms, high quality pupil work on display, staff in each others learning environments observing each other, awards and recognition of success, high involvement in extra-curricular activities, staff and pupils engaged in discussion about next steps and a high quality dialogue at parents evenings.



We all work together to make sure we all have an equal opportunity to succeed.

We believe in the potential for all to succeed regardless of their background and work hard to understand and remove barriers to learning. Meeting the needs of all learners is central to our vision and we will plan learning and transition based on our knowledge of each individual pupil. We will see beyond labels and celebrate the diversity within our school community.

At Bucksburn Academy we are one school.

We will see pupils accessing all areas of the school, pupils engaged in a wide variety of courses that suit their needs, a range of partners in the school to support pupil’s learning and development, a high quality buddying system, a joint pupil and parent council, staff across the whole school involved in dialogue with each other about meeting pupil need and a high quality CPD programme centred on learning, teaching and pupils.



We are all enterprising, creative and look for solutions

We will adopt an enterprising and creative attitude across our school learning and teaching, the curriculum, how we meet pupil need, how we work together and how we link with the local and wider community. These are the qualities needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world and we work to develop this attitude in our pupils.

At Bucksburn Academy we are an ambitious school.

We will see classrooms with teachers trying a wide variety of approaches to learning and teaching, and pupils succeeding in a wide range of courses. We will see a high number of pupils participating in a range of extra-curricular opportunities within the school and on a national and international level. We will see a range of business and community partners working in partnership with pupils and staff.



All that we achieve is through teamwork

Effective teamwork will drive the school forward. We believe that by working together we will achieve much more and that all should have the opportunity to shape and develop the school. We recognise the challenges we all face but understand that we will be better placed to meet them through working in partnership and developing interpersonal and leadership qualities across the school community.

Without people at its heart a school is just a building.

We will see people working in teams across the school action groups, senior management team, departmental teams, support teams and cross curricular teams. We will see clear plans that set out the roles and responsibilities of team members. We will see pupils working as teams as part of a house system, through curricular and extra-curricular activity, as prefects and as a pupil council. We will see review meetings that encourage all our partners to work as team to meet individual pupil need. We will see high quality teamwork between teachers, parents and the parent council.



We are proud to be part of the Bucksburn Academy community.

All members of the school community will take pride in our school and what it represents. We will look after and respect the building and each other. We will work hard to raise a positive profile of the school. We understand that we all have a responsibility to challenge any behaviour that undermines what we stand for.

At Bucksburn Academy we take pride in the achievements of our pupils and staff.

We will see litter being put in bins, displays of achievement throughout the school, awards and certificates on display. The building and environments for learning will be well presented. Press coverage will show examples of pupil success. We will hear people talk about the school, pupils and staff in a positive way.

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