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    1. Dear Mr Paul, dear school,

      I’d like to ask you, if it is possible to minimise the use of hand sanitisers in your school and ask the students to use hand and soap, when possible. My son at Brimmond Primary has developed a severe skin problem on his hands using this and learning more about the side effects of these chemicals, I have concerns about the general health of my kids.

      My daughter, who attends your school, Tereza Kovacsova, 1C1, told me that she’s asked to use the hand sanitisers about 14 times a day. I don’t know what sanitisers your school uses, but the common ones can reduce immunity and kill beneficial bacteria needed for fighting viruses.

      I have discussed this with my daughter and asked her to stop (minimise) using hand sanitisers and use water and soap when possible. Please, let me know if this is ok with your school’s guidelines or if you have other suggestions.

      Thank you very much for your support.

      Best regards,

      07772 447158

    2. I just wanted to message to say how impressed I was with a group of boys from the school yesterday. We had gone sledging with two younger girls on a small slope near Mill Park Brae Stoneywood and a group of about 8 boys were also using the slope. They repeatedly stopped and shouted to each other to allow the girls turns to access the slope safely. Very impressed with their thoughtfulness. Obviously we didn’t asked names but they said they were from Bucksburn Academy.

      Kind regards


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