The Drama Department aims to provide a range of classroom opportunities for pupils to work within a team to create, develop and present their ideas through drama techniques. Pupils are able to perform to others using a range of facilities that best meet their needs.

Pupils take responsibility for their learning and are given leadership opportunities with in the curriculum and through extra curricular activities.


Mrs B Milroy
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Drama Department Production Skills Day

S3 Drama Course

Wednesday Nov 9th   

This year the S3 Drama Production Skills Day welcomes TRESTLE THEATRE COMPANY to deliver physical theatre mask workshops.  Pupils will be able to develop new skills to broaden their overall Drama experience within the varied workshops that run throughout the day. The Production Skills provide the opportunity to raise attainment in performance through workshops that give pupils hands on experience of masks work, set making and costume creating that will be used in future coursework and performed at the Drama Department  Oscar Night in March.

Workshop   1 Character and Movement: Just Dance workout with a character input.  

Challenge: each group to create and present a character based movement sequence using rotating set and costume.

Workshop   2 TRESTLE THEATRE COMPANY: Mask work / Physical theatre

Mask workshop delivered by Trestle Theatre creating short scenarios with each group to develop a physical theatre presentation work using a range of masks. Trestle Theatre Company is a professional theatre company specialising in mask and physical theatre. Currently based in St Albans  Hertfordshire, the company creates its own masks, performances, workshops and training, sending the masks nationally and internationally.

Workshop   3 Set making: Set design elements and stage area

Challenge:  each pair to take responsibility for completing one piece of set  with a choice of 9 constructed moving panels or individual add in pieces.

Workshop   4 Costume creating: Costume concept colour, design, character elements.

Challenge: each pair to research relevant concept, create a design then make concept costume from the design using recyclable drama costumes and materials.

Workshop   5   Work of the day.

Challenge: each group presents their Trestle work with set and costumes created by the groups. The groups will be   asked to give feedback reflecting progress and achievement.

Additional information

All S3 Drama pupils will be expected to take part in all the activities and challenges throughout the day.

While there was a great deal of interest in a hair and make-up workshop unfortunately it is not achievable within the day however, the department will deliver hair and make-up workshops within class time later in the year.

Pupils should come to school dressed to take part in all activities NOT in school uniform -trousers for movement and an old tee shirt suitable for set making.

There is no cost for pupils to take part as the department has had support from Bucksburn Academy FUNraisers .


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