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Welcome to the Pupil Support Faculty
Changes to the Pupil Support/Guidance System at Bucksburn Academy
Since 1st December 2010 the Guidance system has changed at Bucksburn Academy. Pupil Support is our new title for what was previously known as ‘Guidance’ and will integrate Guidance and Support for Learning in order to better meet the needs of our pupils.
Each of the Principal Teachers of Pupil Support will take over responsibility from the previous Guidance teachers for a group of pupils as well as a whole school Support for Learning remit.
New responsibilities are as follows:

 Principal Teacher of Pupil Support

Mrs Z Birnie

Mr F McLachlan

Ms M Shewan

 Pupils they are responsible for

1C1 – 6C1
1C2 – 6C2
Caledonia House

1S1 – 6S1
1S2 – 6S2
Scotia House

1A1 – 6A1
1A2 – 6A2
Alba House

 Support for learning leadership responsibility

Micas Base

Behaviour Support

Additional Support Needs Base

As with the previous Guidance system, these members of staff are the first point of contact for parents or carers should you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s school experience, if there is an issue about your child you would like to discuss further through a meeting at school, or if you have information relating to your child’s learning or well being that you wish to pass on. They will normally be the member of staff who will contact you should there be a need to discuss aspects of your child’s progress at school.
Areas within the faculty
Additional Support Needs (ASN) BaseBehaviour SupportMICAS