Over the course of the next few days a number of short video clips will appear here to celebrate the success and achievements of pupils at Bucksburn Academy during the 2020/21 session. Well done Team Bucksburn.

Click on the image below for the 1st clip. Mr Paul thanks the pupils for their hard work and announces the winners of the Craighaar Awards.

Now Click on image below and find out what pupils from PE think about our school value High Aspirations.

To watch the next video clik on the image below. This clip has been made by the Wider Achievement pupils and focuses on the value People and Teamwork.

Click the image below to see Miss Milne announce the winner of the Creativity Award.

Click on the omage below for a videa by our Senior Leaders both mainstream and ASN Wing.

Next up we have the ASN Wing talking about the schools values. Click on the image below to watch it.

Click the image below to see Mr Thomson announce the ASN WIng Best Leaver Award.

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