In December 2018 our Bucksburn Film Club were nominated for Secondary Film Club of the Year and S2 pupil Euan Hao was also nominated for Film Club Member of the Year, for their outstanding film reviews and film review magazine. This resulted in an invitation down to the awards ceremony in London on Monday 4th March, which was held at the world famous Odeon Lux theatre in Leicester Square.


S2 pupils Cameron, Raphaël and Euan represented the whole Film Club and flew by plane to London for the Into Film Awards. After visiting the top tourist sites around London, including the Thames, London Underground, 10 Downing Street, and Trafalgar Square, we proceeded to fill our stomachs in the Pizza Hut situated inside Leicester Square.


We arrived at the ‘home of premieres’ cinema the Odeon Lux Leicester Square where there was a red carpet awaiting us and lots of press photographers. The awards ceremony officially kicked off after all the celebrities had arrived although David Williams did arrive late-much to our dismay. As we were slowly fed into the main hall it finally hit me how luxurious the cinema was, luxury padded moving seats, custom stock free goodies and an opportunity to win some of the best prizes an amateur film club member can win.


Unfortunately we did not win Secondary Film Club of the Year, however to my shock and surprise Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs announced the winner for the ‘Best Film Club member of the Year”, and it was me.


Stumbling on stage I was almost lost for words with everyone cheering me on. What happened next was probably the most amazing experience I ever had. I shook hands with Radzi from Blue Peter and actor Jason Issacc, who gave me my trophy and then gave my acceptance speech to the hundreds of people in the auditorium. Then Jason and I went outside where professional journalists and photographers were bombarding us with camera-flashes. Shortly after we went upstairs and I had my turn on the (almost) infinite conveyor belt of Press and Journalists who all interviewed me. Overall the experience was fantastic and I would love to be able to attend this again next year.


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