Just newly coming out of our assessment week exams we were extremely fortunate for our teacher to invite Martin Simpson, Managing Director of Deeside Water Company to visit the school to speak to our Higher Business Management class.

Settling us in with a free bottle of water, Martin introduced himself and began his talk then he asked us what we wanted to do career wise when we leave school. The majority of us told him we had an interest in business and this led him to question our motives for this – was it the money aspect? Did we want to one day be our own boss? What did we want to achieve in life? This was good food for thought!!

Martin spoke about the history and background of the business and how he got into it, which was interesting for us as if we were to make a career out of business we would have to make our own path in life. While he was talking, I wondered to myself, what makes this water different to other brands of water? Before I had a chance to ask he delved into this exact question. Deeside Water’s unique selling point lies within its health benefits, it has been scientifically proven to slow down arthritis (but he reminded us that it is not a cure for arthritis). This led to Martin advising us that we as potential future business people must have a unique selling point if we were to think about setting up a business of our own in the future.

After his presentation, we had the chance to ask him several questions. The pupil interaction was great here and a variety of questions were asked ranging from what his future plans are for the business as well as any advice he would give us if we were to think about setting up our own businesses later in life. The key message he was giving us was – find something you enjoy doing that is fulfilling and feels right for you.  If you are not sure it is the right thing to do, you may want to reconsider your options!

We would like to thank Martin for giving up his time to come to speak to us and wish him all the best for the future.

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