Assessment Week Timetable 2018

  • The following timetables give the date and times of all the practice assessments which will take place for Senior Phase pupils.
  • This timetable does not give details of Alternative Assessment Arrangements. These will be provided to pupils individually.
  • Accommodation for exams are still being finalised, so are not shown on this timetable. The finalised timetable will be displayed on the notice board outside of the assembly hall, as well as the school website. It is important that you check the noticeboard every day as last minute changes do occur.
  • Please read the timetable very carefully, and make a note of when all of your exams will take place.
  • Underneath the timetable for each week are notes on specific exams. Please ensure you read these. Exams with a note are marked as so*.
  • Whilst every care has been taken to avoid clashes between exams, if you notice a problem then please alert your PTPS or Year Head as soon as possible.
  • These assessments will give you an experience of SQA exam conditions. Further information on how to prepare for your exams, and how to conduct yourself whilst in an exam, can be found on the learner section of the SQA website, and on the noticeboard.
  • If in doubt about any aspect of this timetable – ask!

Enhanced Assessment Timetable

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