Dear parent/carer,

Piercings and long/fake nails

As mentioned in a previous letter, safety is of utmost importance during PE. We would like to draw your attention to a couple of current safety issues regarding pupil participation.

In recent months we have seen an increase in the number of pupils who wear personal items of jewellery in school. Also recently there has been an increase in the number of pupils coming to school with false/ very long natural nails. During physical activity, this can constitute a hazard to both themselves or others. As a result we feel we should reiterate Aberdeen City Council’s policy on the wearing of jewellery in PE:

“Where an article of jewellery/ item of clothing or footwear presents a potential health and safety risk either to the wearer or other persons, parents should be advised by the Head of Establishment that the wearing of such items will be prohibited.”

In regards to nails the Aberdeen City Council state:

“Nails for staff and students need to be sufficiently short to prevent injury to self and others.”

Therefore we are asking for your support in ensuring that all pupils understand that personal adornment must be removed, or in the case of nails cut to short length when partcipating in PE. Where a pupil is in a position that they cannot remove a piercing for a period of time to allow it to heal we would ask you to consider doing this at the beginning of the summer break. This will allow time to heal and for it to be removed for PE when the new term starts. In regards to nails, we would ask you to contemplate either making sure nails are short when they are put on initially or as per peircing getting done at the beginning of holidays.

Any pupil whose piercing cannot be removed or whose nails are not deemed to be a sufficient length will, where possible, be given a separate low risk activity to complete in activites where it is deemed a safety issue.

The only exception to the jewellery policy is when pupils are wearing a pulse monitor to record activity levels during a non- contact fitness activity.

As you will understand the measures above are designed to ensure that all pupils participating in PE are not at risk of injury. We want to make sure we continue to deliver PE in a safe, engaging and enjoyable environment.


Your support in this matter, as always, is greatly appreciated.

G Blance

Acting Head Teacher

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