Here’s a quick update after a few more days ‘off-grid’.

We travelled for a few hours before arriving in Bukit Lawang and our amazing hotel, Eco Lodge. We made some recycled paper and keyrings from natural materials before we chilled out for a while as we had some busy days ahead of us!

The next morning we woke early and had an amazing choice for breakfast – even pancakes!!! Befote heading out on a long trek into the jungle. We saw so many amazing things!!!!

We had the most amazing day! When we were having lunch an orangutan came so close to us it was incredible. It even stole a bag of bananas from one of our guides!

The next morning we had a tour of the grounds and around a rubber plantation. The guides were so informative and shared so much with us, in particular, Ipul! We alao visited nearby bat caves.

Late afternoon we trekked a short distance to our campsite for the night. Here we set up our hammocks and bashas. We had the most amazing meal cooked by campfire. Then, the heavens opened! A huge thunderstorm was overhead. This isn’t unusual, however, little did we know this one would last 6 hours! The more resiliant of the group braved the weather (until 5am anyway!) What an experience!!

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