We spent a few days in a small village called Tangkahan, here we got to come face to face with elephants! We made our way down to the river, where we washed and scrubbed the elephants. They then showered us and some of us were even lucky enough to be blessed and ‘kissed’ by them!! It was such an amazing experience.

We had the evening to ourselves, Graeme managed to get his hair cut in a tiny local barber/shop, whilst, Madison and Katie handed out some toys to some very appreciative local kids, full of smiles!

We then had to say goodbye to John (the name given to one of the local dogs) although he did try to join us on our last long bus journey back to Medan!

Back in Medan we spent the afternoon in a huge shopping mall – much to Mr Simpsons disgust! However, we actually found that a lot of things cost even more than they do back home. We did enjoy some more western food for lunch though. For our ‘last supper’ we headed to a famous local restaurant, Garuda, renowned for its Beef Rendang, gado gado and other Indonesian dishes. We were joined by Angela from SOCP and our bus driver as well. We were all stuffed and loved the huge range of dishes we got to sample.

We are now sat in Medan airport with around an hour to wait until we board our flight to Singapore – then the long hop back to Frankfurt before making our way back to Singapore to share our fantastic memories and stories of a great trip with friends and family!

Terima kasih Sumatera 🙂

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