All S4 students took part in a fun, motivational experience packed Tree of Knowledge workshop on Monday 6 March 2017. ‘Laugh in the face of exams’ is full of inspirational tips for students to help them to cope with exam pressures. The learners were led on an entertaining journey of exploration into the human mind and their own life changing capabilities. It is designed to inspire self-belief, to evoke positive and productive attitudes, increase aspirations and encourage huge goals in life.

This event showcased a range of study skills that students can use in the run up to, and as preparation for their exams. Covering a wide range of learning styles this is sure to leave everyone with new, fun skills and increased motivation to help them during the exam period.

“Well what can I say? Absolutely fantastic! Fantastic speakers and jokes! Really fantastic information given to us. Made me think if it applies to me – it really does. Keep going and motivating young people”

“Yes, I enjoyed today’s talk as I learned about how we think and how we can change how we think. I can now use this for studying and further education.”

“I enjoyed today’s presentation as it taught me various things about my mind and the brain. Everything was well done and it’s changed my view on my future.”

“Today was very interesting and taught me stuff I did not know. It was presented in an engaging manor. I learned that you should have self-confidence in yourself. I enjoyed participating in things such as the polo experiment.”

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