A busy morning today, breakfast at 7 and arrived at St. Olav VGS at 8am. Met Eva at St. Olav and headed over to the nature reserve that surrounds Mosvarnet lake in Stavanger. Here we met with Sylvia from the Nature reserve who gave out binoculars to all the pupils. We then made our way around the lake searching for local wildlife. We saw many species but the highlight was some woodpeckers drumming into the bark of some nearby trees – the first sign that spring is coming?

In the afternoon we returned to the school and one of the Chemistry teachers, a former research scientist, led us through a motivating Chemistry show.

We’ve now left Stavanger and we are all sitting in the airport awaiting our flight home to Aberdeen.

We hope to see the students and staff from St. Olav’s again!

Miss Shanley


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