Today we woke pretty early, had some breakfast and made our way to the Norwegian school – St Olav VGS.

Our first impression was that it is really big school and is quite confusing! We did notice how clean and tidy the campus was though. We had a tour of the school, which had lots of staircases and an elevator with Nick Cage!

First off, we had a presentation about how the school system works in Norway. Then we made our way to Geoscience where we found out about a field trip the class are taking to Spain next week. We wish we were going with them!

After this we went to an Astrophysics class. Where a student teacher was teaching the class in Norwegian – we understood a few words such as ‘supernova’ and ‘proton’ but it was okay because we got speaking to the Norwegian students and made some new friends who explained what was going on!

Finally, we were involved in an English class where we spoke with Norwegian students about the similarities and differences between our cultures. We did find a few things in common but also some clear differences!

We then had some free time where we had a look in some of the local shops, including an amazing chocolate shop where we got some free samples!! A few of us also visited the cathedral and got some nice photos of the surroundings.

To end the day we had pizza at Dolly Dimple’s which was AMAZING!!

By Darcy, Jessica and Victoria

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