The Bucksburn Academy Maths department would like to invite you “back to school” to our junior phase Numeracy evening event on Thursday 16th March 2017 from 7 pm until 8 pm.
We would like to show you the interactive and engaging lessons that make up the modern classroom and are common place at Bucksburn Academy. This is an opportunity to find out about what our students experience in Maths in S1 and how you can support them develop their numeracy skills.

19:00-19:10 Registration (school hall)
Parents will be allocated to a ‘class’. Classes will experience 3 fifteen minute lessons, following a timetable.

19:10-19:25 Period 1 (Maths dept)
19:25-19:40 Period 2 (Maths dept)
19:40-19:55 Period 3 (Maths dept)
20:00 Playtime (Maths dept) Tea/Coffee and the opportunity for an informal chat.

Session 1: A chance to see how we teach for understanding rather than telling pupils “Do it this way and don’t ask why!”

Session 2: An opportunity to see the engaging activities & resources used in Maths. More than just dusty old textbooks!!!

Session 3: A showcase of MyMaths and other websites and how you can help your child improve their numeracy at home.

A copy of the information leaflet and reply slip can be found here – [download id=”4715″].


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