A new dawn and a new day!! Due to the previous day’s slightly challenging conditions on the slopes, some of us opted to go to a local village near Waterville Valley whilst the rest of us enjoyed our final day skiing. A shuttle bus took us to the village from the slopes where we went ice skating and explored the shops and cafes. Back at the slopes, our group (intermediates) went to the top of the mountain where the views were spectacular and there was less ice on the slopes today which made skiing a bit easier! The expert group continued to effortlessly fly down black slopes and do 6 foot high jumps and the beginner group enjoyed the mini jumps in the ski park.

On our way back from Waterville Valley we stopped at Gunstock to return our skiing equipment.

Tonight we are going swimming and have our awards ceremony. We can’t believe it’s our last night in New Hampshire and can’t wait to go to New York tomorrow (and shop in Danbury Mall!).



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