As of Wednesday 6 January 2016 our fourth house “Ecosse” will be introduced. Classes 1S1, 1C1, 2A2, 3C1, 3A1, 4S2, 5S1 and 5C1 will become:

  • 1S1 – 1E1
  • 1C1 – 1E2
  • 2A2 – 2E1
  • 3C1 – 3E1
  • 3A1 – 3E2
  • 4S2 – 4E1
  • 5S1 – 5E1
  • 5C1 – 5E2

There are no changes to any ASN wing classes at present. New ASN Wing pupils in August 2016 will be part of Ecosse house.


Pupil Support responsibilities as of January 2016

Year group and House Member of Staff
S1-S6 Alba Ms Shewan
S1-S6 Caledonia Mrs Birnie
S1-S6 Ecosse Mr Ewing
S1-S3 Scotia Ms Howie
S4-S6 Scotia Mr McLachlan

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