Colonel Esslemont led her men to the Menin Gate in Ypres to remember all those who fell in WWI as well as other conflicts which followed.

Menin Gate Ceremony (Public)

“The first ceremony was very inspiring and touching. It was also very emotional and to be surrounded by that many names of the soldiers all around you was overwhelming.”

“The music sang through my ears and I felt sense of pride and duty as the policemen played the call to arms. There was a constant stream of people laying wreaths which made me happy because people were remembering.”

Menin Gate Ceremony (1st Bucksburn Pals Private ceremony)

“Our own ceremony was even more sad. The fact that we will never come together as a group together again was really upsetting. Thinking about the soldier that we all gave an appearance and found a name for was also emotional.”


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“Ever since our tour guide mentioned the little ceremony we were holding, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. And I was allowed to read the excertation. I was so nervous to stand in front of everybody and read a poem I barely know, but, if I do say so myself I did a pretty decent job and I will always remember I got to the say the excertation at the Menin Gate ceremony.”

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