Bucksburn First Battalion, the pals, have made it over the North Sea and have made it on the Flanders fields of Belgium.

Some of the privates want to share their thoughts on their experiences today.

Pool of Peace

“I felt really surprised on how big the crater was and how many Germans the explosion killed”

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“I felt amazed because of how fast everything happened. So many people killed in such little time. The people sitting with no marks on them but just blood pouring from their faces scared me a bit”


“When we went down into the crypt, I was amazed that the crypt was still there after the war. The story about Albert was inspiring, that he didn’t’t give up when others told him it was impossible”


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“I felt very inspired whilst in the church listening to the stories of empowerment. Whilst in the crypt it was very chilling to think what had happened there and at the tower I was impressed and proud to hear the bells signalling peace”

Site of the Christmas Truce

“It was an eye-opening experience for me, I was surprised as to how close the trenches were together and at the small height of them.”


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Sanctuary Wood

“Sanctuary Wood made me think about being a soldier and it was a pretty upsetting feeling just thinking like a soldier”

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“At Sanctuary Wood I felt like I was a part of History and like I was in the shoes of the soldiers. In the museum I felt interested in all the objects of history”

Hill 60

“I thought it was cool to see all the different things that they either hid in or used for defence. Also all the effects the war had on the land”


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“I felt immersed in what happened around me. It was so interesting seeing the craters.

I was opened to the war and all the stories it holds. We were told that could have been us but it was a trick of fate and we were born a century later.”


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