Welcome to N4/5 Geography at Bucksburn Academy.

We hope you find this page useful. Below you will find useful links to many of the resources we have to support you as you progress through the N4/5 course.

For those of you taking N4/5 Geography (or if you just have an interest in Geography!) be sure to follow our Twitter feed, this will make sure you are up to date with all the latest information on case studies, deadlines and why not have a go at some of our #WhereAmI posts?

We support you through the course in a number of different ways:

  • YouTube – Here we have created a range of YouTube playlists for a variety of topics at N4/5 and CfE Higher levels – we’ve only selected videos we feel are worthwhile and you would benefit from watching. There are also playlists for exam revision skills, map work and exam strategies. Hit subscribe as these will be updated periodically.
  • Prezi – For each topic you will find a revision Prezi. Use these before, after or during your revision to help with exam style questions, revision for assessments alongside your class notes.
  • Edmodo – End of topic and exam revision checklists as well as other materials will be shared via Edmodo, please see Mrs Stephen or Mr Simpson for the latest group ID’s.

N4 AVU / N5 Assignment:

You can use the Interactive Mapping Service from Aberdeen City Council to get more up to date map excerts for use in your assignment. Please remember to acknowledge Aberdeen City Council, keep the Crown Copyright stamp and take note of the time and date you accessed the website.

For areas in Aberdeenshire, Aberdeenshire Council also offer an interactive map service which can be accessed here. As with the ACC website, you should leave copyright and record the time and date you accessed the site.

Alternatively, you could use either of the following map services (Remember to note the website and date accessed on your processed information sheet):

Deadlines are shown below:


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