On Wednesday 25 September three members of the Travel and Lifeskills Education (TALE) 2011-2013 group travelled to Glasgow to represent Bucksburn Academy at the Scottish Learning Festival in the SECC.

Here is Sean’s account of what they achieved.

3 of the TALE boys- Lewis, Daniel and myself went to Glasgow to do a seminar about TALE. We had lots of practice in school and even in Mr Thompson’s car! We went to The Horn to get breakfast on our way down. All 3 boys were very nervous, even the teachers were a little nervous. Before we went to The SECC Mr Thompson had to par in a car park which looked like a cheese grater. In total it took us nearly 4 hours to get to Glasgow. We went to The SECC to wait for half an hour and had a good practice while we had a drink.

We went to the room that where our seminar was going to be. There were more than 30 people in our seminar and the 3 boys had very posh water (in glass bottles!). After that they were ready. All of the 3 boys talked about their experiences in the TALE group and in Croatia. After the talk the people who were watching asked a lot of questions like: What was your favourite about Croatia? What could you do now that you couldn’t do before? After the questions they went into this Big SECC exhibition hall, all of the Boys and teachers went head to head to collect as many free stuff as we could – Lewis won!

The boys did an excellent job and represented the school well!

Well done Boys!

By chalove

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