On Monday 10 June, the Travel and Lifeskills Education (TALE) group set off on their World Challenge expedition to Croatia. The group have worked for two years to raise the £13,000 required and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

The group had an exciting week of Sea Kayaking, Trekking and White Water Rafting planned as well as having to organise their kit, hand-washing clothes, cooking on trangias and even a night Wild Camping with no toilet or washing facilities other than a hole in the ground and a river!! 

The boys did incredibly well and represented both themselves and the school impeccably. Well Done Boys!

Here is Lewis, Austyn, Dylan and Shaun’s review of the week…

“We did it! The TALE group have arrived back from their trip to Croatia with some sunburn, new experiences, a lot of new skills and bug bites. We left for Croatia at 4am on Monday morning from Aberdeen airport and fly to Frankfurt Germany. After that we got flew to Split. Once we got off the plane at Split and went to meet our guides Tomislav and Mattie outside the airport. They drove us to the camp site ready to set up our tents and had our tea and went to bed. Must have been a long day!

The next day we went sea kayaking on the Adriatic Sea. Once we got on our wet suits we went off along the side of the shore to an old ruin of a guard tower from about 2000 years ago. After we had a look inside we swam in the sea for a while and set sail to our next stop. The weather changed when we reached our lunch spot and the raft trek guides had to paddle back to the camp site to get the mini bus as the sea was to choppy for the group. As the raft trek guides went off, the group had a good hour of fun with the kayaks, capsizing them and just having fun. Once the guides got back to the group on the mini bus, they loaded the kayaks onto the trailer and we headed back to the campsite.

On the Wednesday we got there walking boots on and headed for Palencia national park where we did 5 hours of walking up the mountains. This was a tough day but we all survived it! A lot of the group where struggling half way up the mountain after they had lunch but by the end at about under 1000 meters high they could not go any more and started there decent down the mountain at a rapid speed and they got there stuff and went to a new camp site. The new camp site was at the raft trek HQ near a town called Kastel Zegarski. We set up our tents in a field with some hay bails and close by to a river.

The next morning they had to pack all of our essential things for wild camping into 3 big dry bags. After getting the dry bags on the raft we got into groups and rafted down Zrmanja River to there new camp. After 2 hours of paddling they made it to there wild campsite. We unpacked all of the stuff from there boat and set up our camp site and made tea. Daniel, Finlay, Owen and Shaun lit up the camp fire to make some flat bread with herbs we had collected in the mountains the day before.

On Friday morning we got up had our breakfast and pack up the tents to load on the boat. We were rafting for 4 hours but we managed to get to the next campsite. At one point we met a 30m high waterfall which we couldn’t raft down. The guide and adults had to carry all our stuff down the side of the waterfall and the drop the boats off the edge! Once we had reloaded to the boats, it was a lot easier. We made camp at our final campsite of the week. For dinner we had vegetable curry then we all went to bed.

On Saturday we went to Zadar for shopping we looked around we had lunch and ice cream, this was also our chance to buy souvenirs. In the evening we had a barbeque at the campsite, we ate food cooked in a traditionally Croatia way- in a bell shaped pan on the barbeque! We had our final team meeting before we headed home.

The trip was amazing, our favourite parts were the rafting and of course the amazing dinner we had on Saturday night!

Thanks you to everyone who helped us fundraise along the way.”

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