God Dag! On Monday 20th May, Miss Shanley and five 4th year pupils: Shona Doyle, Martin Close, Euan Bruce, Heather McAdam and Andrew Jack set off for the Re-Thinking Energy Team’s second Comenius project meeting in Sweden.

The aim of the Comenius project is to think about how different countries are moving towards renewable and sustainable energy and what we can do as young people to help change this. We are working with schools from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and also another Scottish school, Arbroath High School.

During our weeklong stay at the Swedish school, Strömma, we took part in many different activities all based around the theme of renewable energy. While based at the school we learned about how Strömma is self-sufficient by taking part in workshops and exploring their vast amount of land. We looked at their wind turbine, geo-thermal energy source and the way they use pellets to heat their buildings. They also put on a horse and tractor show, a swap-market and music quiz/dance night.

During our visit we were also taken to a local waste centre (less than 1% of their waste goes to landfill), a popular science centre, and, not forgetting our very enjoyable last evening out at a theme park in Gothenburg.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Sweden and feel that we have gained so much from the experience. We met some very inspiring people and many of them we will stay in touch with. There are a lot of easy things other schools are doing to become sustainable which we too could be improving on in Bucksburn Academy. Vi ses senare!

God Dag = Good day
Vi ses senare = see you later

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