The Bucksburn Academy Dress Code has been in place since August 2010.  This has been a really positive and successful change and both parents and visitors to the school consistently comment on the high level of uptake of the Dress Code amongst pupils.

This is something we as a school community wish to protect.  Over the last months, the severe weather has meant that pupils arrive in school in jackets and zipped jumpers.  At times, these jackets and jumpers have not been removed during the course of the school day, reducing the effect of the Dress Code as a means of identifying pupils as belonging to Bucksburn Academy.

After the Easter Holidays, the warmer weather will bring an opportunity for a return to good Dress Code habits.  We will be asking pupils to remove all non-dress code outer wear once they have entered the school and these will remain in lockers or bags until the end of the school day.  We would be most grateful if parents could continue to support the Bucksburn Academy Dress Code, with the following being highlights:-

  • Pupils in S1-S3 should always be displaying the school logo to enable them to be clearly identified as pupils at Bucksburn Academy.
  • All pupils should be wearing black footwear.
  • Multi-coloured zipped hoodies are not part of the Bucksburn Academy Dress Code.
  • Senior Phase Pupils (S4-6) should be wearing a white or black shirt and Bucksburn Academy tie.  Optional extras include a school jumper or blazer.  Again, multi-coloured zipped hoodies are not part of the agreed Bucksburn Academy Dress Code.

A final note is that, when on study leave, Senior Phase pupils should expect to wear Dress Code at any time when they are in school (for exams or scheduled study).

Thankyou for your continued support of the Bucksburn Academy Dress Code.

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