National 4/5 Biology

National 4/5 Biology builds on the level 3 science outcomes that had a biology focus by allowing pupils to cover the level 4 experiences and outcomes relevant to biology and by also introducing some new concepts and ideas that were not covered by the level 3 science outcomes. There are 3 units to the national 4/5 course which will be studied to different depths depending on whether you sit the national 4 or the national 5 course.

The course aims to:

  • Develop scientific and analytical thinking skills in a biological context.
  • Develop understanding of biological issues.
  • Acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of biological concepts.
  • Develop understanding of relevant applications of biology in society.

Staff within the department:

Mrs C Digges
Mrs K Finlayson
Mr P Maltin

Pupil Pages:

National 4/5 Biology Homework & Websites

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