(in conjunction with Aker Solutions and Bucksburn Newhills Community Council)


On Saturday 6 November 2011 (the inaugral day of the project) over fifty people, comprising of Bucksburn Academy pupils, members of the local community and Aker Solutions staff met at Sclattie Wood. This was the second day of a community led project which set out to improve Sclattie Wood and make it a more attractive green space for local people to use and enjoy.

Those willing to participate had previously registered with the school or Aker Solutions. The intergenerational group gathered at noon and the enthusiasm and excitement were apparent to all. For two hours the group worked as a formidable team and accomplished the following tasks with efficiency, care and commitment.

  • A group of children made bird boxes
  • Adults did a litter pick up
  • Overgrown shrubbery and branches in the wood were cut back
  • Spring plants and bulbs were planted
  • Bird and bat boxes were erected around the wood

To end the day, people made eco friendly faces from clay and other natural resources in the wood. These were placed with pride on the trees and branches. What fun!!

Mr Mike Duncan of Swailend Nursery, Newmachar, delivered the plants and bulbs and was on hand to offer gardening advice on the best locations for bulb and plants. He also added to the generous donation of £100 of bulbs by Bucksburn and Newhills Community Council by giving an additional £50 pounds of bulbs and several plants and shrubs. Bucksburn Academy's Environmental Club donated £100 of plants and Aker Solutions paid for the bird box kits, bat boxes and additional bird nesting boxes. Aker Solutions also supplied safety gloves, glasses and refreshments while Bucksburn Academy purchased gardening tools to aid the various activities.

There was a tremendous atmosphere in the wood as the intergenerational volunteers worked in teams with such enthusiasm and commitment. This was indeed an example of community spirit and work at its finest. If anyone is interested in helping out on our next community day please contact Miss Shanley at Bucksburn Academy.

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