(in conjunction with National Trust for Scotland and BAA)

Pupils from Bucksburn Academy are involved in ongoing projects at local National Trust for Scotland castle grounds to discover, explore and conserve these for all. Pupils have been involved in a number of projects at:

  • Crathes Castle
  • Castle Fraser
  • Fyvie Castle
  • Drum Castle

Pupils spend a day at a time out of school out at the castles. Thanks to BAA and National Trust for Scotland all transport and equipment is provided and full safety briefings given to the pupils before they start any work. On an average castle visit pupils can expect to have some climate building games; killer frisbee, wildcat-salmon-midgie and best friend/worst enemy to name but a few! The National Trust for Scotland have been astounded at some of the work pupils from Bucksburn Academy have managed to achieve e.g. 440 trees planted over two days. Activities undertaken by pupils to date include:

  • Lining, digging out and laying wheelchair friendly paths
  • Thinning out of evasive bushes and shrubbery followed by controlled bonfires
  • Planting of native tree species within the castle grounds

At the end of the day pupils clear away equipment and will undertake some outdoor games like Stag and Doe but also creating environmental art before travelling back to school.

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