As part of the S2 Enterprise course, 6 classes (comprising of 110 pupils) have been working very hard over the past year to set up and run a business, making and selling the following products – Special Occasion Cards, Gift Bags, Gift Tags and Water Bottles.

The pupils have had stalls at various locations during the course of the year and have sold their products at Parents’ Evenings, the Oscar Night and at Aker Solutions (our business link). I am delighted to say that we have managed to raise £480 (a fantastic amount of money) and this money has been donated to two Charities which the pupils have chosen, these are “CLAN” and “The Make a Wish Foundation”. The pupils have managed to raise such a large sum of money due to the hard work and determination they have shown during this course.

Each class has also taken part in a “Dragon’s Den” style presentation which has been judged by 3 members of staff (comprising of subject specific staff, SMT and the school librarian). The presentations have all been of a very high standard and the pupils have to be congratulated for the quality and the delivery of their presentations (they were all very professionally delivered). This activity has proved extremely worthwhile as it has enabled the pupils to be reflective about what worked well for their company and what didn’t work so well. It has also provided them with the opportunity to think about how they would have done things differently if they were to run the process again. Over the course of the year, the pupils have develop some excellent skills which they will be able to build on in S3 such as the importance of team work, good communication and presentation skills. They have shown initiative, creativity and responsibility through their involvement in this enterprise project.

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