During last session, ASN 8 took part in a variety of learning experiences linked to the Millennium Development Goals.

One of the activities was to write to Mr Brian Adam (MSP) in order to highlight the Goal they felt most strongly about, this letter led to a visit from Mr Adam. During his visit, Mr Adam gave the class a DVD about a recent visit to Malawi by fellow Aberdonian, Annie Lennox. This video prompted the pupils to organise and carry out fundraising activities to raise money for 2 Malawian charities.

Mary’s Meals provides food and education for children across Malawi and Africa at a cost of £6.15 a year.

Open Arms Infant Home looks after children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, babies are looked after from birth-2 years old in a home before being placed back in their birth communities and supported there where possible. The organisation now has a number of houses for children who need further care through school.

asn8fund2   asn8fund3

The boys felt very strongly about these organisations, from October – May they ran different activities to and over the course of the year they raised £50! At Christmas they were given large Smarties tubes, after eating the sweets they filled the tubes with money – one pupil managed to raise enough money to feed 3 children for a year by putting in his spare change. At the end of the year, the boys ran an African Afternoon to raise awareness of the charities and the plight of children in Africa affected by HIV/AIDS.

Through their efforts, the boys raised enough to give each charity over £80. Miss Farrimond was able to visit the Open Arms Home during her trip to Malawi in the summer. The money raised will go towards the ongoing work of the Home and the staff were incredibly grateful for the boys hard work.

The culmination of the project was a presentation at the British Red Cross Peer Education Day in Dundee. This gave the boys an opportunity to share their experiences and work on a national scale presenting to schools from Dundee and Angus Councils as well as British Red Cross representatives from around Scotland.

The boys were excellent ambassadors for the school and have shown us all how a little bit of imagination can change the lives of people around the world.

Well done boys!

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