Three teams from Bucksburn Academy entered the Petro Challenge run by Opito on Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th June at Robert Gordon University.  Of 43 teams, the Bucksburn Academy Teams were placed 33rd, 31st and 1st!

A group of 12, S5/6 pupils along with Miss Simpson (Business Education) and Mrs Barber (Physics) took part in the Petrochallenge Event which was run by Opito on Tuesday 26 June and Wednesday 27 June at Robert Gordon University. This event drew on the pupils Maths, Science, Communication and Business acumen to solve real-life challenges faced by oil and gas companies. It gave them the opportunity to drill for oil, read seismic charts, negotiate business deals and broaden their career prospects to the challenging and rewarding industry that is oil and gas.

Forty-three teams participated in this event and we had 3 teams from Bucksburn. We are delighted to say that 2 of our teams came in 31st and 33rd place and our third team came in first place and won the competition. They had a Return on Investment of 16655% and the team which came second in the competition had a Return on Investment of just over 9500%. This event is also being run in Inverness and Newcastle later on in the year and whichever team out of the 3 venues ends up with the highest ROI will go forward to compete in the national finals in London in January 2013.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the competition and were ecstatic to have won. They were a real credit to the school!

Below are some photos from the event:


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