The following documents can be used to help your revision of the Listening concepts and answering multiple choice questions.

  • [rokdownload menuitem=”197″ downloaditem=”197″ direct_download=”false”]Form, Vocal and World Music[/rokdownload]
  • [rokdownload menuitem=”197″ downloaditem=”199″ direct_download=”false”]Additional Concepts[/rokdownload]
  • [rokdownload menuitem=”197″ downloaditem=”201″ direct_download=”false”]Orchestra Unit[/rokdownload]
  • [rokdownload menuitem=”197″ downloaditem=”200″ direct_download=”false”]Musical Periods Unit[/rokdownload]
  • [rokdownload menuitem=”197″ downloaditem=”198″ direct_download=”false”]Scottish Unit[/rokdownload]
  • [rokdownload menuitem=”197″ downloaditem=”202″ direct_download=”false”]Ragtime to Rock Unit[/rokdownload]

The numbers beside the little speaker icon relate to the tracks on the cd belonging to that unit .


The following document has tips and advice on how to answer the larger, non-multiple choice questions, for example the programme music question (with the bullet points!) and the chord question. It also includes tempo and dynamics.

  • [rokdownload menuitem=”197″ downloaditem=”203″ direct_download=”false”]Info and tips[/rokdownload] 

An online dictionary with definitions and audio examples aswell as specific topics such as Scottish and Musical Periods can be found here.

Exam-style questions can also be done here.

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