Over 50 pupils and staff from Bucksburn Academy joined forces with workers from Aker Solutions, members of Bucksburn Newhills Community Council and other members of the community on Saturday 10th September 2011 to complete the fourth community day at Sclattie Woodland. The project has been running since June 2010 and is really gaining momentum now with many first-time volunteers taking part, especially from the new S1 cohort.

On the day the volunteers undertook a number of tasks including: cutting back nettles, marking out and clearing the path, barrowing and laying down granite windust for the paths as well as planting flowering bulbs. To give the children a sense of identity and belonging in the woodland they were also given clay to make sustainable artworks in the woodland.

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This has been the latest phase in the project which began in June 2010 with the support of Aker Solutions, one of the schools business partners, and has seen the area transformed from an overgrown, uninviting space to an area which can be enjoyed. The local community has also been heavily involved, with garden centres and environmental clubs offering their help and raising money for shrubs and plants.

Miss Shanley and Mr Simpson co-ordinate some of the environmental work in the school through the Humanities, Citizenship & Environmental Education Faculty. This project links well with the conservation undertaken at local castles with the support of the National Trust for Scotland and BAA, and offers another dimension in environmental work for the pupils. Time spent supporting the Sclattie Woodland project can also count towards the pupils achieving their John Muir Awards.

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