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What is Philosophy?

Philosophy provides the opportunity to train your mind and explore such questions as ‘What is a good argument?’, ‘What is real?’, ‘How can we know anything for certain?’, ‘How should we make moral decisions?’ and ‘Is there a God?’. This is a challenging course but very good preparation for a career in politics, journalism, law or teaching (not exclusive!).  The aim of the course is to develop a logical and systematic approach to language, argument and debate.  It is an ongoing enquiry, using human reason as the ultimate judge, into the general nature of reality as a whole.

Philosophy is offered as a choice to learners in the Senior Phase at National 5 or at Higher and is taught between Bucksburn Academy and Consortium Partner Dyce Academy.

The N5 and Higher courses are organised around four areas:-

Arguments in Action – an opportunity to develop; a foundation of understanding about language and discourse, an understanding of the principles of building a successful argument and the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in arguments used in dialogue and debate.

Moral Philosophy – developing an understanding of how certain philosophers would have us distinguish between right and wrong, and to be able to critically analyse moral dilemmas in the light of moral theory.

Knowledge & Doubt – looking at such founding principles of rationalism and empiricism and the approach particular philosophers have taken in determining whether we can know anything for certain.

Assignment – learners will use philosophical principles to research, analyse and comment upon an issue or topic of their choice.

Course Notes

Course Notes are a support resource for the learning environment and are always under review and development, and so these should never be treated necessarily as complete or comprehensive.  However, please find below a copy of the course notes for Arguments in Action and Moral Philosophy.

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Assessment and SQA Documentation

For the latest information on course assessment and information, visit the SQA website here….

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