Personalisation & Choice

Follow this link to the Skills Development Scotland website where you will find information for parents on how you can help your children with subject choices as well as a wealth of information and tools to support pupils and parents consider choices for the future:


Junior Phase: S2 > S3 Personalisation & Choice (Session 2017/18)

S2 > S3 Parent Information Evening –  S2 > S3 Parent Information Evening 071216

S2 > S3 Personalisation & Choice Booklet – S2 > S3 Personalisation & Choice Booklet 2017/18


Senior Phase: S3 > S4 Personalisation & Choice (Session 2017/18)

S3 > S4 Information Evening – S3 > S4 Parent Information Evening 180117

S3 > S4 Personalisation & Choice Booklet Part 1 – S3 > S4 Senior Phase (Part 1) Personalisation and Choice Booklet 2017-18.pdf

NESCol Course Descriptor – SfW N5 Engineering Skills


Senior Phase: S4/5 > S5/6 Personalisation & Choice (Session 2017/18)

S4/5 > S5/6 Personalisation & Choice Booklet Part 2 – S4/5 > S5/6 Senior Phase (Part 2) Personalisation and Choice 2017/18

NESCol Course Descriptor –  CfE Higher Psychology

NESCol Course Descriptor –  NC Mechanical Engineering


Aberdeen City Council City Campus – ACC City Campus Course Choice Booklet 2017/18

Aberdeen City Council City Campus –  ACC City Campus Final Course Offer Summary 2017/18


How to apply for/enrol on City Campus Course

  • Students will apply for the ACC City Campus courses (marked # on the Course Choice document) using an online Google Form.
  • Your Pupil Support Teacher will guide you through the process of completing the form.
  • The form must be completed in one sitting. Students may wish to complete a paper-based copy of the form before completing the on-line application. These are available from Pupil Support.
  • If a student  wishes to make amendments to an application that they have already submitted, they should complete and submit a new application. If two applications for the same pupil and course are received, the oldest application will be deleted.

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