Additional Support Needs Base

The Bucksburn Academy ASN Base Team:

  • Miss Shewan, Principal Teacher of Pupil Support
  • Mrs Clubb, ASN Teacher
  • Mrs Mutch, ASN Teacher
  • Mrs Bruce, Pupil Support Assistant
  • Mrs Parker, Pupil Support Assistant
  • Mrs Steele, Pupil Support Assistant
  • Mrs Taylor, Pupil Support Assistant

The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 places duties on local authorities to provide additional support where needed to enable any child or young person to benefit from education. We follow the staged intervention process involving the young person, parents, carers, school staff and professionals working in partnership to get it right for every child. If it is identified that the young person requires specific, individual, planned intervention above the standard classroom good practice, then they may be identified for additional or targeted support in the form of a place in Bucksburn Academy’s Additional Support Needs Base.

The young person may be supported in a variety of ways including following a programme of work in the ASN Base. All pupils who access the ASN Base follow an Individualised Educational Programme (IEP). This plan outlines the additional support needs of the young person and specifies targets that they will be supported to achieve. The young person is fully involved in planning and evaluating their targets.

The ASN team may support pupils by: working with them, co-operative teaching in classes, consultancy with teachers, parents and professionals, liaison with specialist services and staff. We also follow SQA procedures for pupils who qualify for Additional Assessment Arrangements.

The ASN Base has been specifically designed to be an educational and social environment, aiming to ensure that young people leave Bucksburn Academy with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need for life, learning and work. We use curriculum flexibility to support individualised learning to meet these needs.

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